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Xender is the best app for transferring files

In the past, users had to rely on a variety of slow solutions if they wanted to transfer data. A PC was needed to make CDs and DVDs, and older PCs couldn’t read the data which was written on them due to outdated tech.

The first feature phones which featured file transfer capabilities relied on the use of Bluetooth or a data cable. The advent of modern smartphones led to the appearance of file transferring apps, which allow users to send large amounts of data with just a few taps.

Xender is one of the best file transfer apps in the world. Below you can find a complete guide for the app and all of its features.

Installing the app

Official versions of the app can be found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.  There are also dedicated versions for Windows and macOS.

Sending files

After the app is installed and launched, two options will be visible on the main screen. Tap on Send if you wish to send a file of Receive is someone wants to send a file to you. There is also the option to select the type of recipient.

Sending files

Tap on the Send button, and the device will create a Wi-Fi hotspot without using your mobile data connection. During this stage, you will have to activate the GPS feature if it is not already active. The app will search for local devices and users can choose the recipients.

Content is split intuitively into several categories, among which we can count Camera, Gallery, Music, Video, Files, and Apps. Tap on the desired category and tap again on the content to share it with other Xender users. The transfer process is quite fast in comparison to other data transfer methods.

Do you need an account?

No, the app relies on the GPS feature to locate other users.

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