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XCOM: Chimera Squad Breach Mode Tips And Tricks

All missions in XCOM: Chimera Squad begin with Breach Mode, where players have to set up their order on the Timeline and make use of Abilities and Items for their advantage.

Here are some tips to improve your performance in the game:

Breach ModeThe First Step

Breach Mode is where you assign your Agents in the order they breach through the door.

Breach order affects your turn order (where the agents end up on the Timeline).

However, many players don’t understand that the breach order setup means more than just deciding who gets to kick the door.

Also, there are two ways to setup: First is focusing all your Agents on the same threat to remove it from combat quickly before it deals too much damage to your squad. Alternately, you can spread your damage across multiple targets to kill them easier after a while.

Both ways are good, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Multiple Breach Points

The turn order of the Breach Points is critical. Players can control the order with the numbers next to their names. Agents are added to the Timeline according to their Breach Point first, and then their breach order.

However, keep in mind that not all enemies are visible from all Breach Points. That means that, if you aim to focus on stronger enemies primarily, you might want to team up with other players since it’s almost a guarantee that neither of the agents can engage on every target.

Abilities And Items

Some Agents have Breach Abilities that are usable only in Breach Mode. Therefore you must take care and use them when the Agents go through the door(s).

A good strategy is to use Verge’s Levitate Breach Ability that lifts enemies in the air even if they are behind cover, making them easy targets.

However, you need to use Verge first. Else, the ability is wasted.

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