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Xbox Series X Official Release Date Hints

Earlier this month, Microsoft showcased the upcoming video games for the next-gen Xbox Series X. Players will be able to enjoy new games, such as Forza Motorsport, State of Decay, and Fable franchises. During the event, we got a glimpse of the Avowed from Obsidian Entertainment. But what was impressive to see was Halo Infinite in action for the first time.

Public Reactions

The upcoming video games were perceived in different ways by the audience. On the one hand, we have a supportive team of fans, but the presentation received much criticism. Most of the upcoming games are not ready yet. Fortunately, Xbox Series X is backward compatible with a large number of old games.

According to Phil Spencer, the Xbox chief, the company will be holding another game event in August. During the Same Brain podcast, he talked about the hard process of the backward compatible system. It looks like many old games will be available on the new console. “I think August we’ll have more to say on that,” he said, which makes us even more eager. 

We have heard about the backward compatibility on the Xbox Series X for a few months now, so we are ready for more information! Spencer hinted at a possible event taking place next month; it gives us even more reasons to believe Microsoft will release its next-gen console sooner than we thought. The next Xbox Games Showcase might finally reveal the Xbox Series S console. Something is happening in August, and we can’t wait to find out more. 

According to Microsoft’s 20/20 roadmap, the company will release monthly moments. Therefore, the news doesn’t really surprise us. But what is interesting noting is that shortly after Spencer’s comments, a mysterious Xbox controller leaked online. Most people believe it belongs to the Xbox Series S.

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