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Windows 10 Update Brings Performance Improvements And Bug Fixes

The ongoing pandemic forces more and more people to isolate themselves and work as much as possible from home. This massive movement of the population resulted in a disruption in the business world. For Windows 10, only good news are coming. The market share of older versions of Windows has increased by up to 5.5%. This phenomenon might be explained by the fact that people working from home are using booted older systems.

The meaning of this occurrence is that the laptops and personal computers are using an older version of the operating system, so old that they have probably missed the updates for years. Initially, the first to try to update their computers had a harsh time and they encountered update errors. Others even had to follow some guidelines step by step, but eventually, they succeeded.

Microsoft makes it more straightforward for Windows 10 customers

Because this trend is so present nowadays, the Windows team is trying to make this process a lot easier for its customers. At this time, anyone can automatically upload his personal computer, for example, from Windows 10 v1507 to v1903. To reach the latest version, which is v1909, users are given a set of rules to install a secondary app that switches the versions.

However, there are two versions of Windows 10 that have not been made user-friendly until now. The update still has to go manually for versions 1511 and 1607. They are specially designated to be upgraded only for best version 1809.

Even though at first this might seem much work for Windows, the forced lockdown had some benefits as well for the company. Since they were forced to fix this issue, a problem that has been going on for the past decades without being noticed has finally been solved. In addition to this, Windows 10 has gained some excellent publicity for being the lifesaver of most of us.

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