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Windows 10: KB4556799 Update Turns Out as a Disaster for Computers

Even though Windows 10 could remain the latest operating system made by Microsoft for a long time from now on, as it keeps getting constant updates, it still has its flaws. Microsoft has been strongly encouraging users during the recent years to make the upgrade to Windows 10 from previous operating systems, but a lot of them are still hesitating and it’s understandable why.

KB4556799 is the latest update for Windows 10, and although it promised that it’s bringing only good things to the operating system (just like any other update, however), it turns out to be a complete failure.

Missing data, system failures, and more

The issues that Windows 10 users started to experience after installing the KB4556799 update are numerous. From the traditional blue screen to the missing data and full system failures, the users had a lot of headaches. Microsoft said that it’s investigating the situation, and we’re counting on them to provide a solution.

However, the good news is that the nasty effects of the KB4556799 update are not affecting everybody. But if you’re among those unlucky fellows who are having problems with their PCs after installing the Windows 10 update, there are a few simple ways to fix the situation. Rather than simply waiting for Microsoft to provide a fix, you can consider reverting to the previous update of Windows 10. The procedure is simple: go to the settings menu by pressing the Windows icon from the bottom-left corner. Click the Settings gear, choose ‘Update and Security’. By searching in that area, you’ll see the ‘View Update History’. Select it, press ‘Uninstall Update’, and choose the name of the last update that’s giving you a hard time: KB4556799.

Even with its flaws, Windows 10 seems like the only reliable operating system for PCs at the moment. Windows 7 is officially dead since February, even though it’s considered by many as the best operating system made by Microsoft.


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