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WhatsApp 2.19.351 Beta Launched With New Features, Improvements, And Fixes

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app out there, and it comes for both Android and iOS. You can use WhatsApp with only an Internet connection, and it is a free-to-use application. WhatsApp comes with a whole bunch of functions, including chatting, voice and calls, sending and receiving images, vids, and documents. Also, it allows us to have group chats, and it even has the WhatsApp Web, the web-based WhatsApp version. WhatsApp 2.19.351 Beta launched with improvements and bug fixes.

About WhatsApp

WhatsApp is available on the Google Play Store, so you can try it right now if you don’t have it already. The application functions with mobile data or Wi-Fi networks. You can talk to persons around the world only if you have their phone numbers because that’ all that you need.

Also, you can conduct audio and voice calls with this app, based on your contact list. Take note that the app isn’t made for you to call emergency numbers, such as 911. WhatsApp is coming with the group chat feature, so if you want to speak with more people at the same time, such as family and friends, you can create these groups.

Besides this, the app has a version for desktop, which you can use at any time you are on the computer. What is also great at WhatsApp is the fact that you don’t need a username or password for accessing the app. Facebook Messenger, for example, uses a user name and password, and you also need to log in. WhatsApp stays always connected, even if you are turning off your mobile data or phone. The messages will appear as soon as you turn on your phone, you can’t miss a thing.

What’s New in WhatsApp 2.19.351 Beta?

Finally, the WhatsApp 2.19.351 Beta version is coming with bug fixes and improvements. Also, you will have the new feature that lets you open the app with your fingerprint. If you have the beta version, go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Fingerprint Lock and tap Enable.

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