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Waze’s new feature lets you pay for gas contactless

Waze introduced a new feature that you might want to know more about. As you may already know, Waze is a GPS navigation software app available on mobile phones and tablet computers. Thanks to the new service, you can now make contactless payments at associate gasoline stations in the US. If you are using Waze while stopping at one of these gas stations, the new service will activate so you can pay for gasoline working with the ExxonMobil or Shell programs. Once the payment is completed successfully, the Waze navigation will automatically restart from where the route was left. 

Waze’s new features

It is good to see Google improving its navigation program. The giant corporation keeps adding all sorts of new features to Waze. Just on Wednesday, Google introduced a security feature. This feature will warn you in case of any railroad crossings.

Waze has lots of other interesting features. A few months back, the company partnered with SpotHero and ParkWhiz from the US to offer people information about parking. They have done the same with ExxonMobil and Shell; however, this partnership is about allowing drivers to cover gasoline from within the program.

The newly introduced feature comes right in time with the current world situation. With all the social distancing phase, it is safer to make online payments instead of putting yourself or other people in danger. Utilizing Waze is a great option during those times, but it will also benefit in the future. Unfortunately, this service is not working on all gas stations. 

How does it work?

Once you park in one of the declared gas stations, the Waze app will present you with the paying options. You can pay contactless for petrol with either ExxonMobil or Shell. You can also earn profits using their various programs. However, we suggest you download them on your smartphone first. Next, the Waze app will redirect you to your route. 

Release Date

Unfortunately, we don’t have official information on the release date of this service. However, we do know that it will be available in the US first. Therefore, global Waze users don’t get your hopes up just yet. You might need to wait for a while to use this service. 

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