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Ukraine condemns Apple for Calling Crimea a Russian Territory in some Apps

Who says that if you’re an expert company in building high-tech hardware devices you can’t be condemned for messing things up in your apps? That’s what happened recently with Apple. The notorious Cupertino-based company has been denounced by Ukraine for referring to the Crimean Peninsula as a Russian territory on two of its apps. There have been plenty of debates about the territory belonging to Russia or to Ukraine, so it’s a pretty sensitive subject.

Kremlin-backed forces annexed the Crimea region from Ukraine almost six years ago, in March 2014. Ukraine and its allies from the West have claimed that this move was illegal.

The Weather and Map apps messed up

In Crimea there also are Apple users, and for them the territory is shown as part of Russia on the Cupertino-based tech giant’s Weather or Map apps. A weird thing is that the same apps do not show Crimea as part of any country when the region is searched for by a user living outside of it.

The Russian legislation may have required it

While some people might say that what happened is just a mistake, some clues point to the hypothesis of the Russian legislation being the culprit. The State Duma, which means Russia’s lower house of parliament, stated on Wednesday that Apple had “fulfilled its obligations and brought the applications on its devices in compliance with the requirements of the Russian legislation.”

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko seemed very angry via Twitter on Wednesday, when he said the following:

Let me explain in your terms, Apple. Imagine you’re crying out that your design and ideas, years of work and piece of your heart are stolen by your worst enemy but then smb ignorant doesn’t give a damn about your pain. That’s how it feels when you call Crimea a (Russian) land.

Whatever the truth may be, this all turns out to be a great scandal. Neither the US or European Union don’t recognize Crimea as being part of Russia.

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