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UC Browser Update Brings New Cloud Storage Features

One of the most significant advantages offered by smartphones is the ability to access the internet at all times with a few taps. In the past, people who may want to look for something on Google were forced to use their laptops or personal computers to complete the task since many feature phones did not offer the ability to connect to the internet, or the experience was quite poor. UC Browser, for its part, comes as an alternative to mainstream Internet browsers.

The use of a good browser can alter the experience in a significant manner since not all browsing apps are the same. Some may offer great features, but they are a bit too cluttered while others are speedy but lack many convenience options. One of the best browsers available for Android devices is UC Browser. The app was developed from the ground up with the aim to offer an excellent experience without the need to consume a large number of resources.

One of the best features offered by UC Browser is the presence of a dedicated channel that grants access to a rich collection of video statuses and stickers that can be shared with friends across most social networks without problems.

What’s new in the latest UC Browser update?

The use of a custom U4 engine allows the app to deliver an impressive user experience, which may be faster by up to 20% percent in comparison to the one offered by the other internet browsing app. This also includes a handy data saving feature that is quite useful since it allows users to enjoy access to the internet for a longer time.

Faster downloads are also available thanks to a robust download protocol. If a download as paused or interrupted, UC Browser can resume the download process from where it stopped. Ads are also kept away as a built-in ad-block solution that will prevent the appearance of annoying pop-ups.

The latest update, UC Browser, comes with a new cloud storage feature in the form of UC Drive. Users can upload and seamlessly share files. The latest version is already available on the Google Play Store.

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