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Top Times When Vegeta was a Really Nice Guy

Vegeta is often known as a cold and arrogant fellow, and let’s not forget that he was a purely evil character once.  But slowly, the Saiyan Prince changed a lot during the series. Vegeta even has his moments when he’s a truly nice guy. And while this may surprise you, we’re here to bring you some proof.

Vegeta slowly changed from a bad person to a good character, mostly because of his family. He loves Bulma and Trunks, although he’s way too proud to admit it.

5. Helping Goku, Gohan, and Krillin on Namek

Goku had a very hard time while his body was stolen by Captain Ginyu, and Vegeta offered his help. He put Goku in the healing tank and gave both Gohan and Krillin new Saiyan armor. This was a surprising act from the Saiyan Prince, considering that he had only selfish desires until that point.

4. Training Cabba

Cabba is a pretty odd character from Dragon Ball Super. He’s a Saiyan from another Universe, and you shouldn’t be deceived by his looks. The kid is incredibly strong, despite looking like he never lift any weight. Cabba desperately wanted to become stronger and achieve the iconic Super Saiyan transformation with gold hair. Vegeta helped him achieve the form, pushing his limits by battling and slurring to get the Saiyan kid angry. Further, the Saiyan Prince admitted that he made Cabba mad on purpose to make him stronger. This was a truly altruistic and unexpected Vegeta-style gesture.

3. Admitting to himself that Goku is better

Vegeta’s most ambitious goal was to surpass Goku in power ever since the two Saiyans first met. Vegeta always considered himself stronger than the one he calls ‘Kakarot’, although the reality was totally different. But during the fierce battles against Kid Buu, Vegeta finally acknowledges to himself that Goku is better. This was totally incredible from a warrior so proud like Vegeta, and it proved both maturity and realism, which are significant traits for being a nice guy.

However, things were going deeply into Vegeta’s detriment, as he was almost killed by Buu. But luckily enough, Goku stepped in once more to take the upper hand and show how it’s done.

2. Pounding Beerus for slapping Bulma

This action was way beyond being just nice, it proved how much Vegeta loves his wife. The Saiyan Prince couldn’t land a single blow on Beerus until that moment, as his opponent was outrageously strong. But the God of Destruction made a huge mistake by slapping Bulma, an action that triggered a tremendous hidden potential of Vegeta. The Saiyan Prince started to teach Beerus how to respect women the hard way, and the event remains as one of the most romantic in all of Dragon Ball.

1. Sacrificing himself for the whole mankind

Vegeta fought the fat version of Majin Buu for a while, but the Saiyan Prince suddenly realized that winning the fight is a utopia. Buu was regenerating himself after every hit and energy wave received from Vegeta, and that points to the idea that the monster is practically unstoppable. Vegeta had only one chance left to win: bringing out his most powerful attack, although it had a huge price: losing his own life. Vegeta was once ruthless and utmost evil, but now he sacrificed himself for the whole humanity. Although it was in vain, as Buu regenerated himself again, the decision proved how incredibly Vegeta has changed into a character willing to give his life for his loved ones.

Feel free to tell us in a comment your own personal list for when you think that Vegeta was actually a nice guy.

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