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Top Signature Moves in Dragon Ball – Which One is The Strongest

The Dragon Ball franchise is well-known for some devastating attacks of the main characters, and today we’re aiming to find out which one is the strongest. While the very first series presenting the life of Goku when he was a kid focused more on martial arts, things have changed a lot in the case of Dragon Ball Z: energy waves and power-ups became a lot more prevalent.

Before trying to determine which attack is stronger, we must keep in mind that the power of a wave in Dragon Ball will increase as the character itself becomes stronger due to training.

Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon

This is Piccolo’s signature move and one of the strongest attacks in Dragon Ball. The fighter concentrates his energy into two fingers and than releases a piercing wave that can penetrate almost everything. The Special Beam Cannon was introduced in the very first episodes of Dragon Ball Z when Piccolo used it to kill both Goku and his evil brother Raditz.

Vegeta’s Galick Gun

Vegeta doesn’t hesitate to use this attack when he needs to. It’s the attack he used in his attempt to blow up the Earth back in the old days when the Saiyan Prince was completely evil. But Goku was there to stop Vegeta and teach him some manners the hard way.

Krillin’s Destructo Disc

Despite being one of the weakest fighters in Dragon Ball and the subject to a lot of mocking memes, Krillin is capable of an attack that can turn itself deadly for the opponents. The Destructo Disc can slice an opponent in half if it hits, which is why fighters should do their best for dodging it.

Vegeta’s Final Flash

You should never mess around with a Saiyan Prince, and Vegeta proved that very well. Cell had to learn it the hard way, as he was hit by the Final Flash attack when he thought that he’s untouchable. The energy wave obliterated a significant part of Cell’s body, although the monster was able to regenerate himself afterward due to Piccolo’s cells.

Majin Buu’s Chocolate Beam

Majin Buu has the unique ability to transform his opponents into chocolate or candy. The next step is to eat them for stealing their powers. Majin Buu used this attack on Dabura, Vegito (the fusion between Goku and Vegeta), Chi Chi, and others. The attack didn’t work as planned for Vegito, but it still scared the pride out of him.

Goku’s Kamehameha

When you say ‘Kamehameha’, you practically say Goku and Dragon Ball. The mighty Saiyan learned this attack since he was a boy under Master Roshi’s training, and we get to see Goku using it in almost every battle. Although the user can decide how much power he can put in a Kamehameha wave, this move killed some powerful enemies like Cell, Frieza, and more.


We’re betting on Majin Buu’s Chocolate Beam as the strongest signature move from Dragon Ball. Krillin’s Destructo Disc is also a worthy option to consider, but this attack will become useless if the enemy is much stronger than the user. We have good proof for this: when Krillin used the attack against Cell, it didn’t even scratch him. The Special Beam Cannon fired by Piccolo was also a possible candidate, but the user is much weaker than a Super Saiyan Blue, for instance. Piccolo had glorious moments in Dragon Ball Z, but he became obsolete in Super.

As this is a top of signature moves, we’re not counting more powerful attacks that the same characters can perform – like the Spirit Bomb, for instance.

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