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Top Reasons Why Goku is NOT The Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Any Dragon Ball fan is in love with Goku, the mighty Saiyan who was sent to Earth with the mission to kill all life forms living on it. But thanks to a hit on his head when he was a baby, Goku got his personality completely switched and thus becoming a good guy. The Saiyan has no trace of evil in him, and that’s one of the reasons why he’s so beloved.

Goku fought for the good cause ever since he was a little boy, and he saved the Earth numerous times from powerful and evil opponents. He became stronger after every battle and achieved such great powers that nobody would have expected, not even himself. But even so, the hero is far from being the strongest Dragon Ball character, and we’ll gladly explain why.

He rarely gets the job done

Let’s remember the battles with Frieza, the one with Cell, or the one with Majin Buu. Goku barely wins against a major villain like these, and with great help from the others. The Saiyan even quit against Cell, leaving his son Gohan to finish the job instead. It’s true that Goku had a great contribution into saving the Earth from Cell’s explosion, but Gohan was the one to silence the monster for good.

Goku defeated Frieza on Namek, but have shown great mercy to the tyrant, trying to help him once he was helpless. That allowed Frieza to secretly escape from Namek right before the planet exploded, and come back later to Earth only to be killed by Future Trunks. Goku won that battle, but only by hurting the tyrant’s ego and pride.

Frieza was revived by his henchmen with the dragon balls in Dragon Ball Super, and he once again battled Goku. The Saiyan finally killed Frieza in that second battle, but with the great help of Whis, the angel who reversed time before Frieza blew up the Earth along with everyone living on it.

There are fighters with superior techniques

Goku is indeed insanely strong, but he lacks some mind-blowing techniques like Majin Buu’s Chocolate Beam, Whis’s time-reverse, or Hit’s time-lapse technique. In the front of such incredible moves, we’re pretty sure that Goku’s strength would be useless. This also doesn’t mean that Goku cannot win against those characters by any means, but only that the odds are greatly in favor of the hero’s defeat. Even Krillin’s Destructo Disc could kill Goku, although the Saiyan can perform the technique by himself.

Vegeta was often stronger

Surpassing Goku was and still is the biggest wish Vegeta has, but the Saiyan Prince actually did it in the franchise several times. Before the two rivals ever met for the first time, Vegeta was far stronger, while Goku couldn’t even beat his evil brother Raditz. Goku had to sacrifice himself to kill Raditz, while they were both pierced by Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon. Vegeta was also stronger than Goku for a short time in the Cell Saga and after the Prince trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The two Saiyans are currently pretty evenly matched in Dragon Ball Super, and it’s difficult to say for sure which one of them would win during a one-on-one battle if Goku doesn’t use the Ultra Instinct technique.

Next time someone tells you that Goku is unbeatable, you know what you have to tell him. No disrespect for the mighty Saiyan, but he never was the strongest, whether we’re talking about Dragon Ball Super, Z, GT, and especially the very first Dragon Ball series when Goku was just a boy.

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