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This Summer Get ready for some brutal action of Dead Cells on Mobile!!

Dead Cell, a fun game is which is already available on PC and Consoles…but it’s user will get more from this summer. After the recent partnership announcement between Developer Motion Twin and publisher Playdigious, the game will be soon available mobile devices, starting with iPads and iPhones.

The revamped version has a customizable interface, MFI controller support with paid engineering. The latest press release confirms that the game will be available on iOS first and then it should be available for Android users soon after. But there is no confirmation from makers on that.

Watch the trailer of soon to be available on Mobile version of Dead cells below:

Game-Plan so far:

Dead Cells games is a combination of action-exploration-based Metroidvania games and procedurally-generated roguelike games where players start the game by controlling a mass of cells that occupy and control the deceased body of prisoners. They get to explore a series of dungeons and fight the creatures inside while they can collect money, abilities, power boosters, skins, and weapons. Some enemies will also drop cells if defeated, which can be used to get permanent power-ups like additional health potions or new treasures that can be bought or found in the later stage. But these cells can only be spent at the end of a dungeon section; if a player dies before then, they lose all collected cells.

The games actions are said to be similar to Souls Series, it also includes Twitch integration which allows viewers to influence the game via the stream’s chat by voting for which upgrade paths the player should take and more.

Plot and details available for still-not-a-player:

The plot of Dead cells doesn’t give much information to players and makers has kept it minimalistic. It could be an interest-holding strategy though as even the island is unnamed in the game where players character “Prisoners – a humanoid with a pile of gelee” is kept. The prisoner manages to re-appear to the starting prison and so appear to be immortal. According to the prison guard, the prisoner was executed for a never-specified crime and serving time for the crime.

The island reconfigures itself, every time a prisoner dies which explains the rogue-like mechanism of the game and the reason behind this nature could be that the island is a living organism and so evolves over time.  Proceeding further, the prisoner kills the Hand of the King and stabs the King only to explode and reach to starting of the game, as nothing happened. You die, learn and then again die in Dead Cells and this continues in Mobile Version as well.

Console to Mobile: The Journey

Dead Cells console version is the game which makes you try one more last time before you need to drag yourself away from that console so it will be interesting to see how developers have made it compatible with iPhone handles and will with android device later. But for now, the more the merrier and fans cannot wait for this brutally alive game to be available on their iPhones and iPads!

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