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This Concept of The 2020 Edition for Windows 7 Amazes Us

Windows 7 is perhaps the best operating system ever made by Microsoft, but the Redmond-based company decided to kill it in January officially. That means no more technical help nor updates for the legendary operating system released in 2009. However, a lot of users are still refusing to make the jump to Windows 10, claiming that Windows 7 is a better choice.

For those nostalgic and perhaps realistic users, the YouTube channel Avdan made a beautiful concept video that showcases how should Windows 7 look in 2020.  Feel free to feast your eyes on it below:

The creator of the video is crystal clear:

How would it look like, if Microsoft redesigned Windows 7? Let’s find out in this concept video.
Designed by Kamer Kaan Avdan.

This video is a concept created for the purposes of visualising how Windows 7 could be changed in a future update.

This is NOT an actual software.

I am not affiliated with Microsoft.

This concept created using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro.

As you can see for yourself, this concept video of Windows 7 for 2020 resembles Windows 10 a lot, but it maintains that precious feeling of the older operating system. However, Windows 10 brought some interesting features for its users in the recent updates, and we can mention going passwordless with Microsoft accounts, having Magnifier read text aloud, making your text cursor easier to find, creating events quickly, gettting to notification settings from the taskbar, and more.

Nobody has ever claimed that Windows 10, the latest operating system made by Microsoft and released in 2015, is perfect. But Microsoft brings regular updates for it, and it will continue the same treatment for God knows how long. If this rhythm is maintained, there will be no need for a successor of Windows 10. There are strong hints that Microsoft will be updating its latest operating system forever, and it could be the best choice at this moment.

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