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The Best Dragon Ball Movies According to IMDb – Trailers and Info

Dragon Ball is a legacy that was revived in 2015 along with the arrival of the Dragon Ball Super anime, when pretty much nobody expected. The show ended in March 2018, but the manga version continues along with plenty of Dragon Ball-related video games that receive updates frequently. Not to mention that there’s also the ongoing Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime.

The Dragon Ball franchise won’t end pretty soon due to its enormous amount of content. Let’s not forget about the animated movies that delighted the childhood of many of us, and it’s time to see how they’re ranked according to the IMDb ratings.

5. Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan (IMDb rating: 7.5)

Launched in 1993, this movie introduces Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan that gave Goku, Vegeta, and the gang a lot of headaches. Although the film has a ridiculous plot, with Broly mad at Goku because he couldn’t sleep due to our hero’s crying when he was a baby, the production still is pretty respected in the Dragon Ball world.

4. Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn (IMDb rating: 7.7)

Fusion Reborn was released in 1995, and it’s not called that way for no reason. The movie marks the first appearance of Gogeta, the merge between Goku and Vegeta, without using the Potara rings as they did in the anime. They had to combine their powers in order to stop Janemba, the embodiment of evil itself.

3. Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father Of Goku (IMDb rating: 7.9)

It looks like the Dragon Ball Z anime wasn’t enough to tell the full story of the Saiyans – the race that Goku as well belongs to. That’s why Bardock – The Father of Goku was released in 1990, to reveal the basics about the Saiyan race in all its glory. Bardock tries to take down the mighty tyrant Frieza, and the outcome might leave you speechless.

2. Dragon Ball Z: The History Of Trunks (IMDb rating: 7.9)

Trunks is a pretty interesting character. The son of Vegeta and Bulma made his first appearance in Dragon Ball Z in great style. He came from the future using a time machine to kill Frieza and warn Goku & co about the diabolical androids. In The History of Trunks movie from 1993, the plot presents Trunks’ timeline where almost everybody had to suffer awful consequences because of the androids. The only remaining fighters were the sons of Goku and Vegeta: Gohan and Trunks, respectively. Will they be able to prevail against Dr. Gero’s mechanical creations?

1. Dragon Ball Super: Broly (IMDb rating: 7.9)

For some odd reason, the 2018 movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly takes the cake. The story wasn’t convincing at all, as Broly came to Earth to take revenge on Vegeta for a nasty thing between the fathers of the two warriors. Both the Saiyan Prince and Goku have to join forces to take down an even more powerful Broly than in the previous movies. There’s also room for Frieza in this movie and a little dirty trick of him that will greatly cumber the mission of the Saiyan heroes.

The visuals are overall delightful in this movie, although the animation has its bad moments. Being written by the original Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball Super: Broly can easily be considered canon.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2015) occupies only the tenth place in the IMDb ranking with a rating of 7.2, which is a bit surprising. This was the movie that made the shift from the traditional Super Saiyan with gold hair to the godly powers that were so prevalent in the Dragon Ball Super anime.

What are your opinions about this ranking? Would you propose other Dragon Ball movies instead? Let us know in a comment!

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