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The Best Classical Vegeta Moments in Dragon Ball That will Give You Shivers – Video and Info

Ever since he first arrived on Earth and was introduced at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta was a ruthless and utmost evil character. Slowly he became one of the good guys, and his long rival Goku helped him indirectly. Vegeta was first motivated by the one he’s calling ‘Kakarot’ to always become stronger, and later the Saiyan Prince saw himself forced to fight for the good cause.

During the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z, it was crystal clear that Vegeta became a good guy as he sacrificed himself for the whole humanity. As the anime continued with another iteration, namely Dragon Ball Super, nobody ever questioned the goodness of Vegeta anymore. He fought for the right cause deliberately and proved that he became a loving father and husband (although you know, he’s too proud to admit it). But the Saiyan Prince will always have those memorable classical moments of him as he gets fueled with anger and starts to teach some manners into his opponents. We’re glad to present to you our top favorite list.

5. Beating up Goku Black

Goku Black was a terrifying villain from Dragon Ball Super. He was basically Zamasu from another timeline as he stole Goku’s body. Pumped up with a new transformation called Super Saiyan Rose and raising his power level every time in the classical Saiyan style after being beaten up, Goku Black caused a lot of headaches to the real Goku and the gang. But that wasn’t enough for Vegeta, as the Saiyan Prince put Goku Black in his place the hard way, as you can see in the footage uploaded by YouTuber Kame TV:

4. “Nobody kills Kakarot while I’m around”

In the Cell Saga, Goku and his friends first had to deal with other powerful androids. Significantly weaker than Cell but still much stronger than Frieza, Android 19 and 20 came to cause suffering and pain among innocent citizens. But Goku, Gohan, Tien, Yamcha, and Krillin came to stop them. Goku was the first to take-on Android 19, and the mighty Saiyan looked like he had the upper-hand. But the heart virus predicted by Trunks kicked in, leaving Goku powerless and defenseless in the front of the android. Android 19 then began to strangle and suck the energy out of Goku, and our hero seemed like he will soon die. But his long-rival Vegeta came into the action, pushing back Android 19 with a powerful kick and thus saving Goku. Rextopolis has uploaded a related video with the amazing scene:

It’s obvious that Vegeta still hated Goku at that point, and he didn’t save him out of the kindness of his heart. He did it mostly just to let Goku know how strong he became and that he also achieved the iconic Super Saiyan transformation. Vegeta killed Android 19 in a savage way, by tearing the arms out of the android and firing a devastating energy wave at him to finish the job. Still, Vegeta brought up one of the coolest lines from the Dragon Ball Universe:

Nobody kills Kakarot while I’m around. Destiny has reserved that pleasure for me.

This is just one of the numerous moments when Vegeta saves Goku from getting killed. The long situations when Vegeta saves Goku led to a lot of online trolling, claiming that the Saiyan Prince is secretly in love with his long-time rival.

3. Final Flash against Cell

Back in the Dragon Ball Z after Frieza was defeated, our heroes had to deal with a much bigger threat: a deadly and sadistic android created by Dr. Gero. His name was Cell, and he possessed the techniques of pretty much every fighter that roam across the Earth’s surface. As soon as Cell reached his final state, Vegeta was apparently no match for him. The evil android easily dominated his opponent, but just when Vegeta looked like he was finished, he brought up his ultimate trump card. Vegeta challenged Cell to test his strength against the Final Flash technique. After a while of charging the blast, the Saiyan Prince fired a devastating and literally Earth-shaking energy wave at Cell, leaving huge parts of the evil android scattered away.

YouTuber Media Master has the related footage for that glorious Vegeta moment:

The fight was far from over, as Cell managed to regenerate himself due to the ability copied from Piccolo. But still, it was a devastating and painful hit from the Saiyan Prince inflicted on the ultimate killing machine at that time.

2. Getting under Babidi’s spell

Babidi had a puny power level, but he was an evil wizard that contributed to the revival of Majin Buu, the strongest villain from Dragon Ball Z. Babidi also had the terrifying ability to possess the minds and bodies of his victims and make them behave as he wishes. The wizard tried to do so with Vegeta, and he succeeded until one point. Adding his “M” mark on Vegeta’s forehead, Babidi commanded his disciple to kill the Supreme Kai. But not even Babidi’s spell can control the Saiyan Prince’s ego, as Vegeta refused firmly. Instead, Vegeta used Babidi’s spell for “awakening the evil from his heart” and thus, he tried to take down Goku. The Saiyan Prince was severely hurt into his ego by the fact that Goku had surpassed him in power, so he desperately wanted a rematch. The related video with Vegeta refusing the commandment can be seen below, as it was brought to YouTube by UncutHDDragonBallZGT:

Also, the Saiyan Prince had one of the most beautiful and classical Vegeta statements in all of Dragon Ball:

You may have invaded my mind and my body, but there’s one thing a Saiyan always keeps: it’s pride!

1. “That’s my Bulma!”

This one just has to take the cake, although Vegeta is way too proud to ever admit that he really loves Bulma. In Dragon Ball Super, the God of Destruction Beerus came to Earth to destroy it. While he was chilling at a party with other fighters, Bulma had a little strife with him. Beerus replied by slapping her, but that was a huge mistake. Seeing the event, Vegeta got extremely mad and pushed his powers way beyond his boundaries. The Saiyan Prince taught some manners into Beerus the hard way, although not even Super Saiyan 3 Goku was able to land a single blow on the God of Destruction. The video uploaded by YouTuber Dragon Ball Super Reviews reveals the memorable fight:

Sure, the Vegeta haters will always say that he ultimately lost this battle, but we believe it still deserves to be in the first place in our list. First, because it showed how damaging Vegeta’s anger fueled by his love for Bulma can be. And second, because he surpassed Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 form in those moments, something that was totally unexpected.

For honorable mentions, some would say that we should include Vegeta’s sacrifice against Majin Buu in the list. But that event didn’t actually have that classical Vegeta vibe when the Saiyan Prince gets fueled with anger in order to defeat an opponent. He lost his life for nothing, as Buu managed to regenerate himself after the blast.

We would be delighted to know about your own personal list of the classical Vegeta moments that got stuck in your head! Stay tuned with feedride.com  for other Dragon Ball-related subjects, rankings, and more! The power levels will be boosted way over 9000!


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