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GTA 6 Launching Until PS5’s Arrival?

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been and still is an outstanding game, and the revenues generated are speaking for themselves. It’s the third best selling video game of all time, after Minecraft and Tetris. And considering that Minecraft and Tetris can be played on pretty much any computer regardless of …

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A Developer Supports the Idea that PS5 Won’t Be Revolutionary

The next-generation of PlayStation console created quite a buzz among players and fans, with Sony unveiling often some brief details about what’s coming next. We still don’t know, however, many things about the upcoming PS5, and this is truly disappointing. It had also been highly speculated that the console would …

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PlayStation 5: The Fastest Console? What Sony Says

We have more than a year until the launch of PlayStation 5, and yet the creators and many other people don’t stop praising the future console. They have plenty of reasons, though. The next PlayStation gadget is expected to have 8K graphics, a virtual assistant, haptic controllers, a Solid State …

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PS5 Launch Date and Price Leaked Details

Sony made public and confirmed some information about the upcoming PS5. News about the next-gen console’s price and release date has been unveiled earlier on an official announcement. Moreover, we know more about PS5 features and options, too. From 8K visuals to a controller with a haptic feedback system, PS5 …

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PS4 Pro vs. PS5 Leaks – Exclusive Games Titles

The next-generation consoles could be very challenging today. Sony will release its new PS5 soon, and once with its release, we should expect more. A comparison between the two of them is needed to decide which one could satisfy your desires more. PS4 Pro Vs. PS5 Specifications PS4 succeeded in …

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