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Google Play Store Gets Rid of a Highly-Popular App

Google’s famous Play Store is the home for numerous apps and games, but also for other types of content like wallpapers, e-books, and many more. The TikTok app is among the various files offered by the official marketplace for Android, as it was released for the mobile operating system back …

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Facebook Prepares the Dark Mode for its iOS App

facebook live streaming

Facebook users worldwide have a new reason to love their favorite social network even more. Facebook already offers a cradle of useful features like the marketplace, job listings, groups based on specific topics, and many more. But it will soon become even more interesting, as its developers are working on …

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WWDC 2020: Apple main expectations

Apple WWDC 2020

Apple products have always attracted the eyes of the public. Their design is impeccable. People have an interest in colorful designs, and Apple offers just that. Plus, Apple devices also come with aluminum, stainless steel edges, and amazingly smooth glass screens. However, as the next generation of Apple products is …

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Best Astronomy App For Stargazers During Lockdown

astronomy app

After the government has decided to adopt the social distancing measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19, many wondered what they could do while locked in their homes. Here is a list of free apps that will undoubtedly help stargazers cope with nowadays regularities. Here is a list of the …

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How to Backup Your Data On Android and iOS

Losing your data could be a big issue. Either you have iOS or Android; it’s essential to backup your data. No matter the reasons, if you want to reinstall some device settings, for example, you need a backup to avoid losing your data. There are a few tips and tricks …

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GitHub Launches a New Mobile App

Those passionate about coding now have yet another reason to be excited: GitHub, the company that provides hosting for software development version control using Git, has a brand new app for Android and iOS. It was released Tuesday, March 17, and it awaits those willing to manage projects while being …

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Amazon Launches a Music App for Artists

You don’t necessarily have to be an artist to like music. Everybody likes music, whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, teacher, policeman, firefighter, politician, artist, or an average person. Music binds us together, it can make us both happy and productive when we need, and if we use it the right …

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