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GTA 6 Rumors – A 2020 Release Might Happen

Every single day, we hear something about the impending release of the upcoming game from the Grand Theft Auto universe. The latest information to fuel the rumors is an advertisement published by Rockstar North, the developer’s UK unit. The ad is listed for a “Technical Build Engineer.” Even though there …

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GTA 6 Might Be Officially Announced In February This Year

GTA 6 might finally launch this year, according to some reports. Since the release of the fifth game sequel in 2013, fans are waiting for the next GTA, wondering how it will actually look like. Rockstar Games, the game developer, had kept the silence regarding the forthcoming sequel, but some …

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GTA 6 Rumors and Details That Might Turn Up As True

The GTA 6 case is becoming more high-strung, and its launch details seem out of reach. Even we got used to the situation, that doesn’t mean we should lose any hope. Many analysts alongside gamers claimed that GTA 6 wouldn’t be released any time soon. Not even announced by Rockstar …

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Playing GTA V has Become Much More Profitable

Almost seven years have passed since the first release of Grand Theft Auto V, and the game still is hugely popular. It’s so popular that it has become the best selling game of all time, being surpassed only by Minecraft and Tetris. The shootouts, the car chasings, the characters’ unique …

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GTA 6 Launching Until PS5’s Arrival?

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been and still is an outstanding game, and the revenues generated are speaking for themselves. It’s the third best selling video game of all time, after Minecraft and Tetris. And considering that Minecraft and Tetris can be played on pretty much any computer regardless of …

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Is CJ (aka Carl Johnson) Coming Back for GTA 6?

Any Grand Theft Auto fan is eagerly waiting to see what the next installment of the series will have to offer. GTA 6 is probably the most expected video game in the present, although a release date is unknown. Most clues point to the idea that the ‘playground’ of GTA …

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