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Golden Frieza Arrives to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Frieza is an iconic Dragon Ball character, and there’s no wonder why the Super anime focused on the guy so much. Frieza is not just a villain, he’s a former intergalactic tyrant who would kill his enemies in their sleep if he gets the chance. Despite him being so evil, …

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Top Reasons Why Vegeta Remains a Ruthless Character

Vegeta has been through some big changes along the Dragon Ball franchise. From the evil Saiyan who wanted to destroy the Earth and who actually killed his own henchman Nappa, Vegeta slowly became a loving husband and father. The Saiyan Prince would take down anyone who dares to do anything …

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How Can Yamcha Become Stronger Than Goku

We’re not here to deny that Yamcha is weak. But the former desert bandit that was once Goku’s enemy when the Saiyan was a child sure had his little moments of glory. Although he’s now subject to a lot of mocking memes and Dragon Ball Super made him a complete …

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