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Surface Duo
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Surface Duo: Inside Components and Review

Surface Duo is Microsoft’s foldable device. The multinational technology company announced it last year, and we now discover a few intriguing information made by iFixit. The private company pulled apart the folding product, and we can now have a look inside. 

According to iFixit, Surface Duo has a “refreshingly simple hinge design.” At least compared to other high-end foldable devices on the market. Microsoft’s folding product is similar to a “miniature 360-degree laptop hinge.”

Surface Duo vs. Other Foldable Devices

However, we understand the difference between Surface Duo and foldable smartphones. Galaxy Fold and the new Motorola Razr have one screen only, whereas Surface Duo features two. Plus, both smartphones have a display that can actually fold and therefore have a more complex hinge design. 

This new technology is more sophisticated than first anticipated. Samsung did face a few obstacles when creating Galaxy Fold. The launch of this foldable device was delayed due to finding a way to make it more durable. On top of that, Samsung had to figure out how to keep dust out of the mechanism.

Inside Components

Another notable thing mentioned by the private company is Surface Duo’s batteries. To be more specific, the size difference between the two batteries. They say one of the two batteries is twice the size of the other. Microsoft manufactured them in a way you wouldn’t be able to replace them easily by using plenty of glue and screws.

However, the batteries are not the only component Microsoft made that way. In fact, not many parts of the foldable device are easy to replace or dismantle. iFixit found out there are only two parts that come away smoothly: the displays and back glass covers.

Buying an expensive device is a hard decision to make. You can check out iFixit’s full findings to find out more. Surface Duo costs $1,400, which is a skyrocketing price. Although the device is currently the best dual-screen hardware on the market, t features a faulty software. 


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