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Super Mario is 35 Years Old, and Nintendo Presents The Character’s Favorite Moments

You might think that Super Mario is way too boring for you if you’re a fan of realistic games with high-end graphics like Call of Duty, FIFA, or the Sniper Elite series. But many hardcore gamers from nowadays had started their virtual journeys with the funny little plumber.

Super Mario debuted more than 35 years ago on Famicom and on Nintendo Entertainment System. Meanwhile, Super Mario has appeared in about 200 games and in various situations: from running randomly counterclockwise and jumping upon enemies to destroy them, and to driving karts or battling in a ring against various foes. Super Mario is a living legend, whether we like it or not, and this video released by Nintendo itself proves it once again:

It’s been more than 35 years since the first Super Mario Bros. game was released. Warp into amazing worlds, jump into fun, and level up with your favorite Mario games and more available now on the Nintendo Switch system.

The initial concept from Mario games is simple: you have to guide Mario along very dangerous areas for finding the princess. The terrifying Bozer will usually appear in many forms across the game, trying to take down Mario.

Copy of the 1985 Super Mario sold for $114,000

While most children nowadays would probably laugh at the Super Mario title from 1985, some people would pay a fortune for that game. It happened several months ago, when a mint copy of a Super Mario US version from 1985 sold for $114,000 through Heritage Auctions.

The game collector and journalist Chris Kohler provides more details about the sale:

Super Mario may be obsolete, but it’s still an important inspiration for game developers. A funny little guy who’s jumping over pits and collecting points and bonuses represents a very widespread scenario for retro games.

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