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Mayo vs. Ketchup

Splatoon 2: Mayo vs. Ketchup splatfest in on

Do you remember the Mayo vs. Ketchup match on Switch? Well, it is back full-on force! Get your Brellas, Sloshers, Dualies, and Rollers ready. Prepare yourself for the fantastic battlefields of Splatoon 2.

Iconic splatfest

Wow, it has been a long time since the last match. However, the Switch shooter’s fan base should now buckle up for another chance at the win. The upcoming match is none other than the most iconic splatfests: Mayo vs. Ketchup.

How does Mayo vs. Ketchup works?

This weekend, players have time to pick their side. Which is your side? Ketchup of Mayo? Go on and choose your favorite condiment and get ready for the battle. 

But how does the point system works? Well, there is a three-point system that will provide a point each for Normal and Pro play modes. However, the third point is decided by the public vote. 

Looking back at the 2017 splatfest, Mayo won the game big time! Mayo obtained the two play points of the competition. However, the tomato sauce was by far the public’s choice, with 73 percent of the votes. What will the public’s preference be this time? Ketchup or Mayonnaise? It has been three years since the last match, so maybe the favorite condiment changed. 

I’m very satisfied with the return of the Splatoon 2 competition. The sequel to Splatoon is hosted by the Off the Hook. It is really great to see their latest artwork. Same as the last time, the Queen of the World Pearl will handle the mayo sauce power. Her opponent, Marina, has the red tomato sauce on her side. Mayo vs. Ketchup.


The fierce competition starts now, May 22! The white vs. red sauce matches continue until May 24. Sadly, only North American players are able to join the competition. 

Splatoon 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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