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Sony’s PS5: Launch Date and Price Details

It seems like Sony is preparing to reveal the release date and price of the upcoming console PS5. In a few days, the company will hold its primary PlayStation 5 launching event, uncovering some of the fans’ most awaited questions.

According to the latest leaks, Sony will talk about the PS5’s keys. We will finally find out more about the upcoming console’s hardware, software specs, and user-friendly interface. The next event will definitely fill out the gaps we have regarding the PS5 game console. There are still many details we are curious to find out more about, such as the launching games. What games will be accessible for PS5? Sony must have new games prepared for the console, so get ready to see some new trailers.

Keep in mind this information is based on a leak; hence, take everything with a salt pinch. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are coming out in November, which is not so far away. Therefore, the leak makes total sense. Once Sony is officially revealing its PS5 details, Microsoft will definitely follow suit. However, keep in mind the leak does not say anything about Microsoft’s event. But according to other sources, the company is waiting for Sony to make the first move.

There is no official notice from Sony regarding a new PS5 event. However, it could be due to the coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic is affecting every companies schedule. Therefore, the conference will stream online to keep everyone safe. It is too risky to have a physical meeting at the moment, so we have to adapt to the new standards. The bright side of the situation is that companies have more control over scheduling things this way. Sony will manage the entire online event on their liking.

We can already feel the thrill of the upcoming events. Sony is almost ready to reveal what we all want to know, and Microsoft is just waiting for the right moment to hit.

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