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Sniper Elite 4 Goes Virtual Reality Style for Oculus Rift and Quest

Sniper Elite 4, the high-end tactical shooter game developed and published in 2017 by Rebellion, is confirmed by Oculus to be arriving to the Quest and Rift platforms. The game is the pinnacle of its series, as it gathers elements of snipping, stealth, shooting, and even close takedowns.

Although there’s no release date yet announced, we can feast our eyes on the trailer from above. It’s a bit too difficult to showcase in a video how a Virtual Reality game will look like, which means that actually playing it is the best way to find out.

The X-ray kill camera was redesigned for VR

Part of the video’s presentation says:

“One bullet can change the course of a war.” No pressure, but in Rebellion’s Sniper Elite VR the fate of the world lies in your hands. Set in World War II-era Italy, you’re tasked with liberating your homeland one well-placed bullet at a time. Take a deep breath, steady your aim, and hope nobody is within earshot as you explore intricately crafted levels full of tactical possibilities.

In Sniper Elite 4, you’ll be capable of plenty of dirty tricks for eliminating your enemies: you can plant mines, blow the barrels beneath them, lead them into traps, or simply take advantage of the X-ray kill camera to see how your deadly bullets are blowing their organs out.

Besides the VR version that’s coming soon, Sniper Elite 4 is also available for the usual platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Google even made the big announcement that the game is awaited for the Stadia gaming service soon. The tech giant from Mountain View aims to bring as many games as possible for Stadia, and it’s obvious why since the platform has gathered some impressive popularity in the recent past. GamesIndustry announces that Google Stadia crossed one million users around the world, and over 225,000 iOS and Android users downloaded the platform in a single week.

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