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Shocking Dragon Ball Hypothesis: Can Goten be Goku’s Reincarnation?

Goten is known as the second son of Goku and also as the youngest Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z. The boy shocked everybody when he achieved the legendary transformation at only about 6 years old and after training with his mother, Chi Chi. Goten was introduced back in Z just before the Majin Buu Saga, and he rapidly became a beloved character for his strong resemblance to Goku.

Even the introducer at the World Martial Arts Tournament emphasized that Goten resembles Goku incredibly well. Therefore, an insane and funny speculation surfaced online recently, claiming that Goten is actually the reincarnation of Goku. Let’s see what the reasons for such a wild idea are.

Goten resembles Goku almost identical

Goten has the same crazy and iconic hairstyle that Goku has during his base form. But those claiming that Goten is the reincarnation of Goku forgot that the kid will lose his Goku-style hair once he becomes a teenager. We’ve seen it very clear at the end of Dragon Ball Z and also in Dragon Ball GT, although the second one doesn’t actually count as canon. Goten even became a date freak in GT, when he was much more preoccupied with picking up college girls rather than to maintain his training.

Goten was born when Goku was dead

Goku had to save the Earth from Cell’s wrath, as the villain was preparing to detonate himself for destroying the planet along with everybody living on it. Goku had only one option: to teleport Cell for detonating himself elsewhere. Our hero sacrificed himself for the whole humanity, leaving his son Gohan to finish his final round against Cell and destroy the evil android once and for all.

Goten was introduced when Goku was dead, indeed, but it’s ridiculous to believe that this is proof of Goku reincarnating himself. Goku made love to his wife before dying, which explains very well how Goten as his son was brought to the show. Trunks as a kid was also introduced at that time, becoming Goten’s both friend and rival.


Goten is clearly NOT the reincarnation of Goku. There’s absolutely no chance. The ultimate proof is when the two characters first met at the World Martial Arts Tournament, after Goku was revived by Baba.

How could one and the same soul be present in two bodies at once? There was no need for some weird time machine gimmick like Trunks did in both Dragon Ball Z and Super. Goku and Goten met face to face during the same timeline, and they treated one another so nicely, just like father and son.

One other huge argument that Goten cannot possibly be the reincarnation of Goku is the boy’s incredible strength. That’s right, Goten is light-years stronger than his father was when he was a 6-year old kid. Goten had insane potential as he became a Super Saiyan at a very young age, and that potential came exactly because of the fact that Goku was insanely strong when he conceived his second son. Gohan was also light-years weaker than Goten when he was at his little brother’s age. That’s because the father Goku was also light-years weaker when he conceived Gohan.

Overall, we have to admit that Goten is more like a wasted character. He could have been much more important in Dragon Ball Z, Super, and not to mention the GT series. Goten started with a fabulous potential by being able to become Super Saiyan at such a young age, but he only had little contributions in slowing down Majin Buu in Z. However, that happened when the kid fused with Trunks in order to become Gotenks.

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