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Sea Of Thieves Update
New Ghost Ships

Sea Of Thieves Update: New Ghost Ships

The latest update for Sea of Thieves is now out. Haunted Shores is the name, and we now have more details about it thanks to developer Rare. He took the time to talk about the update in a post shared on Xbox Wire. The news includes details about the new fleet of scary enemies.

The newly introduced enemies are ghost ships. Creepy fleets that are rising up from the depths of the sea. The new type of enemy has less health than the other ship types. However, don’t fool yourself. In order to make up for the lesser health, the new ghost ships are outnumbering the living pirates. Plus, the new enemy will stay in the game beyond the June event.

The game’s latest enemy is under the command of Captain Flameheart. The captain is the core of the Sea of Thieves event. His skull will show up over islands, which reminds me of the war clouds appearing over Skeleton forts or Skeleton ship battles. Not much difference, is it? Flameheart’s skull is a red flag, alerting the player about the Burning Blade ship as well as the fleet of Ghost ships than wander the island’s surroundings.

Make sure you take down as many Ghost ships as you can. The event offers players Damned treasures. However, that’s not all. Besides that, you can get extra supplies and unique sails. And of course, you will also ear gold. Plus, your reputation will increase via Voyages with the Order of Souls.

Thanks to the Haunted Shores update, Shanties get an upgrade. That means your pirates have the ability to jump straight to a favorite tune through the menu. Plus, new shanties have been included in the game, such as Maiden Voyage and We Shall Sail Together.

You can access the full patch notes on Sea of Thieves official website. 

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