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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 New Design and Release Date

Samsung amazed the whole world back in 2019 when it brought its foldable device called simply the Galaxy Fold. With a totally new concept for a Samsung device, it felt like a goldmine for those who will be using it. Both tablet and phone in one single device, that’s what the Galaxy Fold meant. But in reality, it wasn’t long until users started to complain about the gadget being way too fragile. However, Samsung also didn’t try to hide this aspect one bit.

But there are strong hints that Samsung will fix the mistakes of the past along with the upcoming release of Galaxy Fold 2. A new patent application from Samsung reveals new rendering of the phone, and you’re free to feast your eyes upon the outcome below:

As you can see, the device will be featuring a strip display on the front, along the right edge. This strip display on the Galaxy Fold 2 may only be used for notifications and selfies, and that’s similar to the exterior display of the Galaxy Z Flip. However, it’s still an unesthetic aspect of the gadget, and it won’t be welcomed by the fans once the Fold 2 arrives in the market.

Release date

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will arrive at the stores alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 during this summer. XDA Developers are revealing that Kernel source code for the Galaxy S20 also confirms the existence of both gadgets.

According to what Ross Young has to say about Galaxy Fold 2, the price of the device will be between $1,780 and $1,980. We must not forget that the first Galaxy Fold started at $1,980, and Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip launched at a lower price. But Z Flip is a smaller device with different features.

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