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Release Date Revealed for Master Roshi’s Arrival in Dragon Ball FighterZ – New Gameplay Footage Available

Dragon Ball FighterZ went a long and successful road after its release back in January 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. After bringing a nice set of characters from the start (from both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super), the game shows that it can do even more.

The Ultra Instinct transformation for Goku became available several months ago in FighterZ, and that’s arguably Goku’s most powerful form. The old turtle hermit Master Roshi will be the next addition to the game, arriving as a DLC character. Despite not being nowhere near other fighters like Goku, Vegeta, or Piccolo when it comes to his power level, Roshi is still an iconic character for the Dragon Ball franchise.

September 16 for FighterZ Pass holders and two days later for all players

Therefore, in less than a week, many gamers will get to see Master Roshi as he will teach his opponents martial arts the hard way. YouTuber DotoDoya shows us new gameplay footage of the turtle hermit:

It’s totally understandable why the fans are so excited about Roshi’s arrival in the Dragon Ball FighterZ game. He was the one that taught Goku the iconic Kamehameha attack when the mighty Saiyan was just a little boy. At that time, Goku had been through very intense training sessions under Roshi’s command. The two warriors met in the final of the World Martial Arts Tournament. In Dragon Ball Super, Goku is light-years stronger than Roshi, but the old master still had his significant contributions for saving the entire Universe.

Master Roshi is even capable of an attack that can take down pretty much any opponent, regardless of how strong he is. It’s called the Mafuba technique (aka Evil Containment Wave), and it was used successfully against much stronger opponents than Roshi.

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