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Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege will include Crossplay

Ubisoft Montreal developed Rainbow Six Siege. The game has become more popular over time. According to 2019 reports, 45 million players played the game across all platforms. The player can choose an operator from the rainbow team range. Rainbow Six Siege is part of the first-person shooter game genre. 

Here is what the game has to offer in terms of the gameplay modes:


This game mode is about attackers kidnaping the hostage from defenders. The defense team has to protect the hostage at all costs in order to win. However, if the hostage is damaged, the team who did the damage has to revive the hostage. If they fail, the win goes to the opposite team.


Rainbow Six Siege requires strategy as well. Therefore, in this game mode, attackers have the task of finding and diffusing a bomb. Defenders, on the other hand, have to eliminate the opposite team or destroy the diffusers in order to win the match. 

Secure area

This game mode is about gaining control over the room with a biohazard container. The battle is won by the team who eliminated the enemy first. However, if attackers take the biohazard container in the absence of defenders, they are the winners. 

Terrorist Hunt

This game mode offers the option to either go solo or play in a team of a maximum of five players. However, the players won’t play against other players, but against artificial intelligence enemies. This mode includes multiple game modes, such as a hostage, bomb, or terrorist hint classic.


We will give you a few examples of what each weapon category includes:

  • the primary weapons: assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and Marksman rifles
  • sidearms: handguns, pistols, shotguns
  • gadgets for attackers: breach charges, Frug Grenades, smoke grenades, sun grenades
  • generic gadgets: drones and grappling hooks
  • gadgets for defenders: barbed wire, deployable shield, nitro cells, impact grenades, bulletproof cameras, proximity alarms 
  • generic gadgets for defenders: CCTVs, barricades, and reinforcements.


The crossplay feature is confirmed. Rainbow Six Siege will support this new play mode soon. If you are not familiar with the term ‘crossplay,’ it simply means that players can play this game together regardless of the console used. A PS4 can play this game with a PS5 or an Xbox series owner. Plus, players do not need to buy other copies of games.

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