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PUBG Launches The New Feature ‘Survival Mastery’

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is continually improving its features to make the experience of the fans more and more pleasant. The developers recently improved the Weapon Mastery system. A new feature, Survival Mastery, will soon be available. PUBG Corporation made this new feature similar to the Weapon Mastery. It will monitor the performance of the players with some specific weapons. Identical to that system, Survival Mastery will follow the different stats to see how the player performs overall.

When a match takes place, the way the gamers play will be analyzed. After the match is over, their performances will get some traits. Another improvement that took place is that the ‘Last Match’ menu updated so the players can see more clearly their performance in the previous games played.

If you regularly watch the news from PUBG’s official site, you undoubtedly saw the announcement made by the devs about the Mastery System. And for sure you took a look on how the Mastery System will look. They state that the new feature will come as a ‘companion system to Weapon Mastery.’ In the game’s menu, Survival Mastery tab will be under the Mastery tab.

PUBG Gets A New Feature ‘Survival Mastery’

Complete your tasks, defeat other players, and get out alive of various phases of the match. If you do that, you will have the chance to upgrade to your Survival Mastery rank. If you are leveling up regularly, you will find yourself earning gifts.

PUBG Corporation announced that the fans would be able to check their progress, and ‘track your recent playstyle through the trait system.’ Are you the type of person who is very careful about what enters your inventory? Well, the devs announced that ‘traits paint a picture of how you approach six different aspects of PUBG and the three most prominent of those traits are displayed here.’

The Last Match screen is updated, and inside it, you will find a timeline designed to show you how you handled a match. In the same place, you will find the combat-related stats (the kills and the healing) and some other survival actions. It’s still unclear where the Survival Mastery system will launch. But we have a clue from a twit made by PUBG Corporation where it mentions the date of September 24th as the day when more information will reveal to us.

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