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PS 5 Games

PS5 Video Games Might be more pricey

Fans are very enthusiastic about the upcoming PS 5 console from Sony. As the release of the next-gen console is near Jim Ryan, the CEO of the PlayStation company is going around advertising it. And this gives us an insight into what to expect from the console beast. 

However, the news on the PS 5 is not all chocolate and hearts. Ryan made sure to state the bad news surrounding the console as well. The bad news about the PS 5 is about the games coming with it. 

Almost everyone is already aware of the Unreal 5 demo project. The UE5 demo is a stunning demonstration that will change the game industry. And as all revolutionary projects, it probably costs a lot of money. But how will this affect the development budgets in the future?

Here’s what Ryan had to say about that:

“I think, to the extent that the technology enables the graphics side of it to become more interesting and life-like, [the games] will become slightly more human intensive and capital intensive to produce. So yes, we think there probably will be an increase in development budgets.

We don’t see it as being a massive increase, and that’s why we want to do more faster than we have ever done before, to provide a fertile install base for people who make games to be able to monetise against. If we can keep pace with a likely increase in development costs, then the industry can continue to prosper.”

Therefore, players should expect to pay more money for the upcoming PS 5 games. If the development budget is increasing, so will the costs of the games. It does seem like a fair move. 

However, it might not seem too fair for the third-world countries. But hopefully, the price changes won’t have such a big impact. COVID-19 can also affect the price of the games, so we will see.

This article is based on the GameIndustry.biz interview. 

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