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Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 for Android and iOS Will Receive the 4.2.0 Update Very Soon

Football fans now have a new reason to be happy. The Android and iOS version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 will receive the 4.2.0 update very soon, according to Konami, the developer company itself. While it’s certain that the update is coming and not just a rumor, the game will once again assure many hours of gameplay for those willing to play on their mobile devices.

Besides the new content the update will be bringing for PES 2020, there will also be room for improvements and fixes made by Konami. Unfortunately, we don’t have any other details about what exactly the new update will bring for PES 2020, but we can expect it to be a pleasant surprise.

Release date

Konami made the official announcement that the new 4.2.0 update for the mobile version of PES 2020 will be available starting tomorrow, on February 13. Those Android and iOS users willing to get their hands on the update will just have to search for it on their official app stores. However, although the new update will land on the app stores in less than 24 hours, you should keep in mind that it may take some time until it will be available on all Android devices and iPhones.

Upgrade for Barcelona or Real Madrid?

As we’ve seen in the football world from real life, changes are constantly occurring regarding rosters, the ability of players, and so on. Therefore, it’s interesting to see if the new PES 2020 update will include upgrades for players like Luka Jovic, Vinicius Junior (both from Real Madrid), Frenkie De Jong, Arthur (both from Barcelona), Joao Felix from Atletico Madrid, and others.

Konami also announced that it will be giving “Black Ball” the Special Agents to all players who will download the new update by 01:59 (UTC) on February 17.

Do you have what it takes in order to lead your team to victory?

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