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Pokemon GO​ 0.153.2 Update Launched With Unova Region Pokemon And Bug Fixes

Pokemon GO​ is the most popular AR game out there. With more than one billion downloads all over the world, Pokemon GO​ has become a global gaming sensation. The title has even received the name of ‘Best Mobile Game’ by Game Developers Choice Awards, and ‘Best App of the Year’ by TechCrunch. Pokemon GO​ gets regular updates, each of them coming with new additions, new features, or bug fixes. Pokemon GO​ 0.153.2 update has just rolled out by Niantic, the developer behind the title, and it comes with some bug fixes and novelties.

Pokemon GO is an excellent mobile game, fun to play

Pokemon GO​ enables its players to discover the game as they explore the world around them in search for Pokemon. People all over the world can join the sensational play, and hunt for the famous creatures the gameplay comes with. Players who participate in the hunt for Pokemon monsters can complete their Pokedex and level up.

The great thing about Pokémon GO​ is the fact that even though the title is a virtual reality game, it can be played from all over the world. This way, gamers can explore places in their city they’ve never been to.

To make your Pokemon stronger and earn more rewards, you can journey alongside your Buddy Pokémon. The gameplay also features competitions with epic Gym battles and enables players to team up with other Trainers to hunt and catch powerful Pokémon during Raid Battles. Pokemon GO​ is free-to-download and play application; like any other game, it offers in-game purchases, which can be disabled from the device’s settings. The bad news for those who love to play on a tablet, the title is optimized for smartphones, and not for tablets.

What’s new in Pokemon GO 0.153.2?

Compatible with Android devices that can spare 2GB of RAM or more, Pokemon GO​ is available for Android Versions 4.4 and higher. Compatibility is not guaranteed, though, for devices without GPS functionalities, or handsets only connected to Wi-Fi networks.
Pokemon GO​ is the go-to game if you are looking for a remarkable and unique game experience.

The latest Pokemon GO 0.153.2 update rolled out with some novelties, as well as bug fixes. Among the additions, we have new Pokemon from the Unova region.

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