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PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X: When will The World Know their Price

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will change the gaming world forever after they arrive to the market around Christmas this year. Both of the upcoming next-generation consoles will be featuring 4K graphics as well as the purge of those annoying in-game loading times.

As everybody is wondering about how much a PS5 and Xbox Series X console will cost, former Game Informer editor Imran Khan claims to have some precious info for that matter.

Pricing reveal happens in August

August will be the month when we’ll find out the price for both PS5 and Xbox Series X, according to Imran Khan. The Kinda Funny Gamecast on YouTube is the place where Khan made the big reveal, saying the following about the two next-generation gaming gears:

Both have shows this month. From what I’ve heard, both have to talk about hardware this month – in terms of pricing, availability.


PlayStation 5:

  • CPU: AMD Zen 2-based CPU with 8 cores at 3.5GHz (variable frequency)
  • GPU: 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz (variable frequency)
  • GPU architecture: Custom RDNA 2.
  • Memory interface: 16GB GDDR6 / 256-bit.
  • Memory bandwidth: 448GB/s.
  • Internal storage: Custom 825GB SSD.

Xbox Series X:

  • CPU: 8x Cores @ 3.8GHz (3.66GHz w/ SMT) Custom Zen 2 CPU.
  • GPU: 12 TFLOPS, 52 CUs @ 1.825 GHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU.
  • Process: 7nm Enhanced.
  • Memory: 16GB GDDR6 w/ 320mb bus.
  • Memory Bandwidth: 10GB @ 560 GB/s, 6GB @ 336 GB/s.
  • Internal Storage: 1TB Custom NVME SSD.

From the long list of games confirmed for PS5 and Xbox Series X, we can mention some of the most exciting titles: GTA V, Cyberpunk 2077, FIFA 21, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Planet Coaster, NBA 2K21, Outriders, Dirt 5, Call of The Sea, Marvel’s Avengers, Far Cry 6, Hitman 3, and so on.

By comparison, the Xbox One console has a starting price of $249, while PlayStation 4 cannot be purchased at a lower price than $299.99. This means that we shouldn’t expect to buy a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X console at a lower price than the two mentioned earlier.

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