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The Sims small competitor is Paralives

Are you a life simulation game fan? Well, then you probably heard of The Sims series. However, this article is about another game that is part of the same genre. The game is called Paralives, and it could actually turn out to be the Sims competitor.

Game details

Paralives is an indie life simulation game. Four developers led by Alex Massé created the game. You can clearly see that The Sims inspired the game; therefore, Paralives is quite similar to the famous life simulation game. The indie game allows you to build all sorts of houses, create characters as well as manage their lives. You can control the game’s characters inside their homes or in the virtual world town.

Paralives home-building features

However, Paralives offers more flexible home-building tools than The Sims. This feature allows the creator to intersect walls at any angle. You can also slant or curve the walls as well. The objects inside the indie game can be customized. The creator is allowed to pick the color and texture on the said object—upgradable beds.

Paralives character-building features

The characters in Paralives are called Parafolk. The team behind the game have finally revealed the look of the Parafolk. And, when it comes to the character customization, developers have introduced tools that are not available in The Sims yet. The creator can adjust the height of the its Parafolk. As you might know, in The Sims, the character’s height is automatically adjusted by the age of the Sims. Plus, changing the size body of a Parafolk is an easy peasy job, same as in the The Sims 4. Paralives features a color wheel for character customization as well.

We know that people love The Sims 4 game. It actually got a lot better over the years, and 2020 proves the excellent state the game is in now. However, you must admit that it is nice to see a little bit of competition in this field finally. Looking at the previously revealed features, we can say that Paralives can nicely exist with EA’s long-running series. The game looks quite promising.

Paralives is an upcoming life simulator game. However, we don’t know when it will launch. But, we do know that it will be available on PC and Mac via Steam.

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