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Overwatch: New Meta Shooter Guide

Overwatch is a very popular arcade game. Blizzard developed and published the game, and for a few years, have been trying to update the meta. Over time, the video game company has managed to make significant changes to tanks and other heroes. Therefore the meta is looking way better than before. 

One notable thing about Overwatch is that you won’t see as many Reinhardt and Orisa tanks anymore. The reason why that happened is because of the shields are old. If you want to level up easier, we have a few tips that might help you throughout the shooter’s new meta. 

Self-sustaining Heroes

What’s new about the shield tanks? Everyone else is more defenseless. Since players can’t use a shield to divert the enemy’s fire anymore, you will see more heroes with self-sustaining abilities in matches. Of course, supports are still a requirement; however, gamers need to learn how to survive on their own in worst-case scenarios.

For example, Soldier 76 and Reaper are the perfect heroes in terms of DPS as they can quickly heal themselves. Sombra is another excellent aid to the team. She can hack health pack terminals if within the range. Another much-needed hero is Roadhog, as he can self-heal as well. Plus, he has high DPS skills, which are a must. 

New Tanks

How are the new tanks looking in the latest meta? One thing for sure is their ability to deliver significant damage. It’s surprising how much damage they can take even without a shield. Here are the three most common tanks in the game: Roadhog, DVa, and Wrecking Ball. One hero that you should try out is Zarya. She can protect herself and her allies. 

Just because the game has a new meta doesn’t mean all shields are useless. If you prefer a shield tank, try Sigma. This hero has a fast cooldown for barries and maneuverability. On top of that, you won’t need to worry about the defense that much in a game. 

Best Healing Supports

The new meta hasn’t brought a lot of changes in terms of support heroes. However, one thing every player needs is a hero with high healing abilities. That’s why Ana and Baptiste are the top picks at the moment. Both have high healing bursts. Right after the top two are Moira and Lucio. Both feature AoE healing. 

Zenyatta is another hero that works just fine in the new Overwatch meta. He can deal a significant amount of damage. Since the game doesn’t feature any outstanding shields, supports need to fend for themselves. The new meta in Overwatch is kind of forcing some players to change their play style. It’s not that bad to get out of your comfort zone, but I can understand why it can be frustrating sometimes. 

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