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Nvidia AI model
Nvidia's AI model recreates Pac-Man using only the visual data.

Nvidia’s AI model recreates Pac-Man from the ground

Nvidia is best known for its graphics cards. However, the company is focusing on artificial intelligence as well. Artificial intelligence requires a lot of research; however, Nvidia has done a great job on its latest project. According to the company, it managed to teach the AI system to recreate Pac-Man game just by watching it being played.

Nvidia’s AI model did not use any coding and no pre-delivered images. The software used only the visual data of the Pac-Man game and a controller inputs in order to recreate the frames. Plus, the final results of this research allows people to play this game. According to the company, the recreated game will be released online shortly. 

Pac-Man recreation

Of course, the AI model doesn’t work perfectly yet. For example, the representation is not very clear. The software did not manage to capture the behavior of the Pac-Man’s spirits very well. However, the fundamental concepts of the ancient game are all present. The arcade game is all about eating pellets and avoiding ghosts while staying alive. 

“It learns all of these things just by watching,” said Nvidia’s Rev Lebaredian, vice president of simulation technology. “[It’s] similar to how a human programmer can watch many episodes of Pac-Man on YouTube and infer what the rules of the games are and reconstruct them.”

He continued by saying that the game’s recreation was finished in collaboration with Bandai Namco, the creator of Pac-Man. Puls, today we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the classic game!

Nvidia’s AI model

Nvidia’s research proves how the artificial intelligence will help with the game design in the future. The AI could come in aid to developers. This will help them creating variations or maybe designing new levels via inputting their work on the AI system. 

 “You could use this to mash different games together,” said Sanja Fidler, director of Nvidia’s Toronto research lab, “giving additional power to games developers by [letting them] blend together different games.”


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