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Netflix Becomes Free to Use Along With The ‘Streamfest’ Event

Netflix wants to provide users a better service experience and get them to know it better. Besides, what else could you do at home when there’s no work to do? Watching your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix could be the perfect scenario where you’re the star of your own show.

For enhancing the subscription rate on Netflix, the operators of the streaming giant will initiate a promotional event called ‘StreamFest’, which will last for only 48 hours. But that amount of time could be perfect, as Indian users will be able to access Netflix at no cost at all.

StreamFest begins on December 4th

The event is under testing in India, and there’s a chance that Netflix will expand it for other countries as well. An official statement says:

An idea we’re excited about – and we’ll see how it goes, we think giving anyone in a country a weekend of free access to Netflix could be a great way to introduce a bunch of new people with the great stories. We have, ”Netflix COO Greg Peters confirmed in an interview following the company’s Q3 2020 results.“ Really create an event, and hopefully, some of those people will sign up.

Netflix offers three types of monthly subscriptions that are pretty decent also when it comes to the fees demanded: Basic, Standard, and Premium. As you might have guessed already, Basic is the cheapest one, demanding $9. The highest subscription is the Premium option that requires $16. 

Thankfully, there are many exciting alternatives out there if you still don’t like Netflix, and we can mention services like HBO Now, Hotstar, Now TV, IMDb FreeDrive, YouTube, and more.

Feel free to tell us what you like most about Netflix, your favorite shows, and what you would like to be improved at the notorious streaming service.

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