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MX Player Is The Best Video Player For Android

There are many video players for Android devices. However, MX Player is, by far, the best one. And that thanks to its unique features. The MX Player is also the most popular video player for Android, surpassing VLC and Vmate. Why is MX Player the best video player for Android? Let’s find out.

MX Player Features

MX Player comes with lots of functions and features. The most significant one, however, is the hardware acceleration that MX Player supports. Accordingly, the video player uses your device’s hardware to play videos at maximum performance. That’s something quite unique in the Android video player apps since other applications tend to focus on stability more than on the quality of the playback.

With many features, therefore, MX Player stands above the other Android video players. There is also an MX Player Pro version that comes with an online streaming function, improved gesture control, background audio, playback resume, and more.

However, the free version of MX Player also sports those features, but they are limited. Nonetheless, you can enjoy MX Player at its maximum either in free or pro variant.

MX Player Compatible Video Formats

MX Player for Android is compatible with the following video formats:

  • AVI
  • DIVX
  • FLV
  • MKV
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • MPEG
  • WEBM
  • WMV
  • XVID

Also, MX Player, the best video player for Android, supports the following subtitle formats:

  • SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass)
  • SAMI(.smi)
  • SubRip(.srt)
  • MicroDVD(.sub)
  • VobSub(.sub/.idx)SubViewer2.0(.sub)
  • MPL2(.mpl)
  • TMPlayer(.txt)
  • PJS(.pjs)
  • WebVTT(.vtt)

MX Player As A Streaming Platform

Not only that is the most performant video player for Android, but MX Player also comes with its original content, becoming an excellent, free streaming platform. Although it doesn’t offer as much content like Netflix, HBO Go, or Amazon Prime, MX Player streaming platform provides some high-quality movies and TV series.

In conclusion, MX Player is the best video player for Android, and you can try it for free, at first, before purchasing the MX Player Pro version that comes with additional features and lots of other essential functions.

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  1. I’ve been using MX Player and VLC as my multimedia player apps for a few years now and both are able to handle a really wide range of different file types. Both also have some nice interface customization features if you take the time to dig into their respective settings menus. MX Player does have much more expansive number of different options as far as optimizing various hardware and software codecs. If you like to tweak your multimedia player app to match up closer with the particular video and audio hardware configuration of your mobile device, look at MX Player. One caveat is the free version of the MX Player app has become really ad-heavy so go for the pay-for Pro version, VLC is ad-free as is (and does have some good customization features, just not as extensive). So basically, I’ve found MX Player is better if you really like to take the time to optimize/customize your media player app, while VLC is better for those who just want to install a media player that just works really well as is. Both are quite capable.

  2. Disagree with this VLC is better than MXplayer MXplayer now tracks you has a lot of ads and that streaming service is only available in India

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