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Foldable smartphones Motorola vs Samsung
The battle of the foldable smartphones

Motorola vs. Samsung – Foldable smartphones

Foldable smartphones are becoming a thing. If you don’t believe me, let’s have a look at how serious Samsung is about this new trend. The Korean company is going to launch several foldable devices this year.

So far, Samsung released the Galaxy Z Flip mobile phone in February. However, the rumor has it that the company is going to release another Z Flip model. But, this new model will feature a 5G modem. On top of that, Samsung will also release the second generation of Galaxy Fold. Galaxy Fold 2 will arrive on the market sometime during the summer. However, that’s not all. Samsung wants to release a special edition Fold. According to some reports, this special edition might be a more affordable Galaxy Fold version. The later model will come out later in the year.

How crazy would that be? It means that Samsung might launch four foldable models this year. Compared to the previous year, when the Korean company launched only one smartphone, it is something. This move might seriously affect the competition, especially Motorola’s Razr.

Battle of the Foldable Smartphones 

Motorola’s improved version of the 2004 flip mobile phone had a challenging start. The launch of this mobile phone was delayed for four months. Plus, when it arrived on the market, it was shined out by the Korean company’s Galaxy Z Flip. The price of the Z Flip device was more attractive. Plus, technically speaking, Samsung’s smartphone is more advanced.

Motorola vs. Samsung OS

However, that is not all. Motorola’s mobile phone came out with the Android 9, which is an outdated operating system. The company announced this week that the Android 10 version is now out for Razr models. However, the Android 10 version was launched in September 2019. So you must see the difference here. The question is, will Razr get another system update? I don’t think so.

Motorola vs. Samsung Price

But, the real issue between these two mobile phones is the price. You see, Samsung is working on different ways to make their foldable smartphones more accessible. For example, a half-price Galaxy Fold lite or special edition. Anyways, the upcoming smartphone will be a combination of the 2018/2019/20 parts. Plus, it will sell for $1099.

Because the Korean company will launch a 5G connectivity model, the price for the 4G device will go down. Samsung knows how to work with prices, and it is not exactly shy when it comes to cutting it. Because of this reason, it is fair to expect more of these similar foldable techs.

However, Motorola did not let down the price tag of its Razr smartphone. This smartphone still costs $1500. It doesn’t really make sense now. Samsung has a superior model that is more affordable; however, Motorola did not change the price nor offered discounts.

The only deal that the company offers is the option to get a second Razr for free. However, you still have to buy one Razr for the full price in order to get the second one for free. Spending $1500 for a smartphone is not really a deal. Plus, it doesn’t look like the company will offer other deals in the future.

Motorola vs. Samsung Features

Leaving the price aside, let’s have a look under the hood of the smartphones. Snapdragon 710 chipset powers Motorola Razr. However, this processor offers a mid-range powering. In terms of the camera specs, this smartphone is not that great, and then there is a flimsy foldable display that raises a few questions.

The Korean company is using the ultra-thin glass for its Galaxy Z Flip display. This fantastic screen technology is thanks to the partnership between a Korean company and a German company called Dowoo Insys and SCHOTT. It will be really difficult for the other companies to compare to Samsung.

Overall, there isn’t a real competition between foldable smartphones. Don’t you think?

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