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Microsoft Ends Support for Windows 7 Very Soon

Windows 7 has long been the preferred option for many Microsoft users, even after Windows 10 came out. It has been a huge upgrade at its time for Windows XP, but most experts and non-experts are claiming that it is still way below Windows 10 in terms of sheer quality. Released about a decade ago, Windows 7 will receive its last security update from Microsoft in less than a month: on January 14, 2020.

Also, it’s highly plausible that the free antivirus from Microsoft dubbed Security Essentials will not be supported either for Windows 7 users after that specific date. The wisest choice in this kind of situation is obviously to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10.

Why you should upgrade

As long as a Windows version lacks support from Microsoft, it’s much more likely to become infected by malware. And if an OS like this gets any flaws in the future, nobody will bother to fix them. And another good reason to switch to the latest version of Windows is that the upgrade itself is very simple and free in many cases. If you own a valid Windows 7 license key, all you need to do is download and run Microsoft’s Windows 10 installation tool.

It should also be said that almost any computer nowadays can support Windows 10. And if yours doesn’t, it’s easy to afford buying a new one or the necessary hardware components.

How to remain safe while still using Windows 7

If for some reason you still prefer Windows 7, you are emotionally attached to it or anything like that, you will still be able to use it after January 14 at your own risk. But if you are clever enough, you might not get your PC infected with pesky software.

The first thing you should do is to install a strong Antivirus program that receives regular updates. Comodo or the good old Avast might do the job pretty well.

Second, you’ll have to get your hands on the latest update from Microsoft, the one from January 14 so that your OS will be as secure as possible.

Third, get rid of Microsoft Office since that can become a major security flaw that hackers can take advantage of. Choose a good alternative, instead.

Whether you upgrade or not, the choice is all yours. However, Windows 7 was and still is a great operating system.

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