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Location of GTA 6’s Gameplay Set Outside of the US and Europe? What a Voice Actor for Metal Gear Solid Says

Any Grand Theft Auto fan is eager to find out new details about the upcoming and long-awaited GTA 6. The internet is flooded with rumors and speculations, but we all know that it’s logically impossible for all of them to be reliable. One thing’s for sure: GTA 6 is coming in the near future, and chances are very high that it will be more interesting than GTA 5.

Metal Gear Solid voice actor David Hayter makes the Grand Theft Auto community go wild, after he suggested on Twitter the surprising location for GTA 6’s gameplay. Although most of the fans would bet on another city from the US or on one from Europe, David Hayter thinks otherwise.

GTA 6’s location set for Toronto (Canada)

It looks like the home country of Trevor Phillips, the notorious protagonist character of GTA 5, will be in the next main installment of the Grand Theft Auto series. Toronto is the largest city from Canada, and it will be remade in GTA 6 as it’s suggested by the voice actor for Metal Gear Solid:

With so many GTA titles having the setting in the US, the switch to Canada could be a great idea. We also know from Rockstar Insiders that GTA 6 is currently under the works, and some of them are even claiming that the game is through it’s later stages of development. With five years passed since GTA 5 became available for PCs and seven years after it was first launched for consoles, the developers might be preparing the fans a huge surprise with GTA 6. The upcoming game may turn out to be better than anyone expected, which could explain why its developers are taking so long with the creation.

GTA Online keeps getting improved with weekly updates, and we might as well continue to enjoy it until GTA 6 finally gets released.


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