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LinkedIn copying iOS clipboard issue will get fixed

Privacy is a very important detail when it comes to apps. That’s why some people highlighted an issue with LinkedIn. It looks like the business and employment-oriented online service is repeatedly copying the contents of an iOS device’s clipboard. According to ZDNet, this practice seems like a privacy invasion; however, it is just a bug.

LinkedIn engineering VP Erran Berger is explaining how this ‘bug’ works. It basically copied clipboard contents to perform an “equality check.” The ‘bug’ is checking what a user is typing and what’s in their clipboard. However, what Berger did fail to mention is why this check is even required. “We don’t store or transmit the clipboard contents,” Berger wrote on Twitter.

This weird practice came to surface thanks to a new privacy feature in iOS 14. And funnily, the Apple OS is still in the beta development phase. The new feature notifies the user when an app copies something from another app or device. Therefore, iOS 14 has brought to surface lots of apps that do the same thing.

This ‘bug’ was highlighted on Twitter. The person who called out this service pointed out that the app on the iPad was copying contents from other sources, such as a notes app. Berger responded that the company would come back with a proper response once the bug is fixed.

LinkedIn is not the only app that was found to have weird behavior. TikTok is another app that was called out for a similar practice just last week. Similar to LinkedIn, TikTok was repeatedly taking clipboard contents as a user typed. This lead people to believe the app was spying on data from other apps. According to TikTok, the practice was due to an “anti-spam” feature. Thankfully this behavior will no longer continue.

iOS 14 public beta will soon come out. Therefore, we would find out if other apps have the same problem.

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