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Kayak vs. Google Flights: Which One Is a Better Companion?

But as time goes on, I’ve started wondering: Am I finding the best flights? Is there an easier-to-use site out there? We start we Kayak, and it is doing a pretty good job. We are also checking Google Flights since Google is already anywhere in our lives. Both of these have a lot of common features – they both help you book your trip, and they both aggregate flights from major airlines. We are here to tell you which one is better.

They both allow you to track flight prices in time. They show you details over weeks or even months. Based on historical data, you’ll know when it is the perfect time to buy.

They both show you the best flights. Kayak offers results based on price, duration, stops, and the carrier type. Google offers results that will give you the best trade-off between convenience and price, duration, stops, and airport changes during layovers.

Google Flights is faster than Kayak. Google loads its app instantly.

Google will show you a graph with prices, which you can compare over time. Flights do get cheaper in the future, so it’s good to have this feature. It will also show you the prices of flights which depart and return at the same time you’re choosing to fly.

Google can predict flight delays, with its new feature, added in January. It uses historic flight-status data and machine learning to offer you this kind of info, even if the airline has not released that info yet. It works in about 80% of the cases.

It also tells you different perks, like, do you have room from your legs in the airplane?

Kayak tells you everything about your entire trip at once, Google takes it one step at a time. This is why we’re choosing Kayak in this matter: it’s easier to know what to expect from your trip right from the beginning.

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