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Google Pixel 4a

Is Google Pixel 4a still launching? When?!

We have been waiting for the Google Pixel 4a to come out for quite some time now. The internet talked about a number of possible release dates; however, all of them turned out to be fake news. But, the latest move from Google makes us think that Pixel 4a is finally about to happen. The company has officially removed the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL from its online store. We are still waiting for Google to explain why, but the reason seems obvious. 

Google’s affordable models came out last year in May during the Google IO keynote. Therefore, the Pixel 4a lineup should have launched already. But, we are in July, and the company hasn’t even announced the official release date. 

On the other hand, this year was rough for most tech companies trying to release their products on time due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, the launch of the upcoming low-cost Pixel was (presumably) postponed again and again. Plus, this year’s Google IO was canceled. We are no longer sure whether Pixel 4a will actually launch.

All rumors have it that the Pixel 4a will launch soon. There are many so-called shreds of evidence for the cheap Android handset. For example, there is a French price listing, a photo of some alleged boxed up Pixel 4a models. On top of that, US FCC and Indian BIS and Singaporean IMDA certifications surfaced on the internet. Based on all of the information, it looks like the Pixel 4a launch is inevitable. 

However, there is no official information to back up all the evidence. Google did not give an official reason to believe that all these rumors are, in fact, true. It is kind of sad taking into consideration that the market is ready for this affordable handset. Due to the coronavirus, people are not that keen on spending a lot of money on smartphones. For example, the mid-range iPhone SE 2020 has some pretty good sellings. The Pixel 3a series offered excellent specs for a mid-range phone. Therefore, consumers were obviously interested in buying that handset. However, when Pixel 3a was at the top, Apple did not have a handset to compete. 

Google Pixel 4a release dates

Pixel 4a has a lot of competition this year. The new iPhone SE is very much at the top for now, but other companies released their affordable models. Motorola is competing with its new crop of Moto G8 phones, and then we have last year’s flagships going on sales, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10e and OnePlus 7T.

Most of these phones have a more comprehensive camera suite than the affordable smartphones released in the previous years. Pixels are known for their amazing camera capability; however, this year’s competition is fierce in this department. We can now acquire low-cost phones that feature rear-facing triple- and even quad-camera arrays. 

Although we hear all of these rumors about the Pixel 4a model, we are curious to find out the official specs. What does the low-cost model have to really offer? How many specs will it feature from the original Pixel 4? It would be very interesting to see whether Google will release its upcoming crop phone with the Android 11 OS. For example, some smartphones are still struggling to get Android 10 OS. Pixel 4a looks like a money savior for consumers that can’t afford to buy a brand new phone and an easy solution to get the Android 11 version. 

The latest rumors suggest that Pixel 4a will come out on July 13. But, don’t get your hopes up until the proving point. On the other hand, some reports are saying that the phone will release in October. Therefore, Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 could release at the same time. 

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