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IMX686 Sensor by Sony is Coming Soon for Smartphones

Probably everyone knows that Sony is not active in the smartphone manufacturing anymore, but how many of you know that the Japanese company still provides imaging sensors that are used by many smartphones to take advantage of impressive photography features? Therefore, Sony is creating the IMX686, built for high-tech cameras.

Sony also released the IMX586 sensor, which was the predecessor of IMX686, and it was hugely popular. Therefore, we can expect the same thing to happen to the new IMX686, which is expected to arrive in 2020.

Over 60 MP?

There are some rumors that the new sensor will be capable of sustaining over 60 MP, which means way more than its predecessor. Sony even released a teaser video to show us more of what IMX686 is capable of:

Thus, we can conclude from the video that the new sensor is able of creating photos with vivid colors even during night time. Sony claims that its sensor will provide the best quality that can only be due to Sony technology. Even if you’re buying stuff from a store during holiday, hanging around in a crowd, watching the water flow or the desert, observing the steam, admiring the vastness of the stars during night sky, staring at the buildings from above a mountain, contemplating at the sunset, viewing the fire, reflecting on the comets, taking a peak at the clouds, or you just want to enjoy the smile of a pretty girl, the IMX686 offers great quality with the press of a button.

According to Wikipedia, the diversified business of Sony includes consumer and professional electronics, entertainment, gaming and also financial services. The company has the largest music entertainment business in the world, the largest video game console business, and is one of the top manufacturers of electronic products for the consumer and professional markets. There has to be mentioned that Sony is also a leading player in the film and television entertainment industry.

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