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How To Install Google Play Store On Android Devices

Google Play Store is an essential app for any Android users, granting access to a wealth of content, among which we can count games, apps, books, and much more. In some cases, you may want to update or install the app manually. The tutorial which can be found below works for official Android version and some custom ROMs. Read below and learn how to handle the task in just a few minutes.

How to install Google Play Store

Check the current Google Play version

In most cases, the latest update won’t reach all Android devices at the same time. This is a prime reason for downloading and installing updates directly. However, before you try to update the app, it is essential to check the current version of the app by going to Settings/Apps and Notifications/Google Play. Hit the advanced button and scroll to find the version number. If the Google app is working without issues, you can also check the version number by accessing the Settings option and scrolling down.

Download the Google Play Store APK

Download an APK from a reliable source. It is essential to be sure that the source is safe since some sites offer modified apps which are filled with malware. Also, keep in mind that most changes will take place under the hood, and, likely, you won’t observe any visible differences.

Installing Google Play Store

Before you attempt to install the APK file, it is essential to enable the installation of external apps on your device. In most cases, you will have to go to Settings/Security and look for the Unknown sources section. Enable the option and go to the APK file. Type on the APK file to start the task. Confirm the installation and wait until the task is finished.

Troubleshooting Google Play Store

If the Google Play Store app doesn’t work as expected after the installation or update go to Settings/Apps and notifications and find the Google Play Store and Google Play Services apps. Tap on them and then on Storage & Cache. Clear the cache, and the problems should be fixed.

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