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How to Boost FPS in PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is one of the popular online multiplayer battle royale games. The idea of the game is that the players are battling against one another for survival. The last one that stands is winning. The battle royale can add up to one hundred players, and each player can enter in the solo mode, duo mode, or with a team.

However, for a great experience in the game, the FPS aspect is essential. Because there are a lot of players that don’t know how to improve the gameplay, we can give you a mini-guide on how to do that.

How to Boost FPS in PUBG Mobile

The first step you should make is to adjust your settings for the game. If you have a device that is quite low-end, these are the best settings. The graphics must be smooth, while the frame rate should be high such as 30 FPS or even Ultra High, such as 60 FPS. The style can be colorful, and the Anti-Aliasing on disabling, as well as the Auto-Adjust Graphics to be put on disable.

Besides this, an essential step in having a good experience is to free your RAM. Every app that you use is running in the background of your device, and this means that a lot of RAM will be consumed. If you don’t close the apps, the device will function difficult. Also, the battery life is affected at the same time, so keep in the background only the essential apps.

Finally, the third step you can do is to deal with the storage cleanup. Not only is the function of the RAM affecting the FPS in the PUBG game, but the storage as well. So, now you really have to remove some of the apps that you don’t use at all or often. After that, clear the cache memory of your phone, and the game will be faster.

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