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How To Become a Better FIFA Player

Regardless of the version of FIFA you like to play, we all know that mastering the gameplay for this series is not exactly like a walk in the park. Players train for years to become good at maneuvering those virtual footballers, and there are a few simple things to take into account.

It doesn’t matter if you play FIFA 20, FIFA 19, FIFA 10, or FIFA 05. The following tips apply for all versions of the famous football simulator:

Maintain possession as much as possible

Don’t expect to connect three passes together and score a goal at a long-range shot. It may happen once, but most often it will just make you lose the ball early and give chances for your opponent to score. Instead, you should keep passing the ball as much as you can. Of course, many times it will be stolen by the adversary, or you’ll miss scoring attempts. But such behavior is still better than to try some ‘miracles’ that will ultimately leave you vulnerable early in the game.

Don’t park the bus

Maintaining possession doesn’t mean to fall in the extreme and play very defensively. In the end, attacking is the best defense in football, but you can’t do it properly unless you have a very strong team at your disposal. That’s why it’s better to maintain possession as much as possible but not let your adversary approach your square too much. Of course, it’s safe to do it if you have defenders like Fabio Cannavaro or Thiago Silva, but you have to admit that it’s a pretty cowardly way of playing FIFA.

Practice counter attacks

If the opponent gets too close to your square independently of your will and even though you tried to maintain possession, counter-attacks could be lethal if you know how to take advantage of them. Just give the ball to your teammates by short passes while you’re making them sprinting as much as possible. Finish the attack with a shot on goal, and you can even try a long shot if you have the right men.

Let us know about your own experiences while playing FIFA!

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